Vito & Stefania | Italy – Salsa, Mambo, Pachanga

Are u ready for the “pachanga’s fever” with Vito y Stefania??All the world is going to be CRAZY!!! Vito Ranieri and Stefania Errede, in art Vito y Stefania, are a 100% Italian Couple.
Sabor, technique, musicality and creativity characterize this 2 dancers. Vito y Stefania had worked and continue to work with national and international televisions, magazines, Latin festivals and congresses and are constantly engaged in the show business world ,always offering innovative shows and quality lessons.
Vito y Stefania Style’s (Salsa Italian Class) is characterized by a sublime fusion of salsa new York style On2, Pachanga, and Latin ballroom with a strong scenic presence and a lot of energy on the stage!

Winner of a lot of international competition , Vito y Stefania are:
– First Runner up at “Asia Open Salsa Championships 2011” in Honk Kong, China
– First Place at “ European Salsa Championships 2009”
– First Place at “ Rome Salsa Festival 2007”
– First Place at “ Rome Salsa Festival 2008”
– First Runner up at “ World Salsa Meeting”
– Semi Finalist at “World Salsa Championship 2009” in Miami-Usa
– First World Latin Cup in San Diego 2010”, Semi Finalist
– First Place at “Open Championship”” Alassio. 2001- L.B
– First Place at “ World Superstar “ in Salsomaggiore Terme – L.B
– First Place at Italian Championship of Latin Ballroom Fids. L.B
With their show “ PACHANGA BRONX “ and “ PACHANGA MIRAMARE” Vito y Stefania have Rocked all over the world, closing a lot of Congress and they to diffuse the PACHANGA and the on2 (Eddie Torres Style).

Hélio Santos | Cape Verde – Kizomba

Helio Santos is a world-renowned dancer, teacher and choreographer. He was born in Cabo Verde, presently he is living in Lisbon. He concluded his studies at P.A.R.T.S. – The Performing Arts Research and training Studios. Helio Santos is one of the pioneers of teaching Kizomba in Europe and one of the best kizomba teachers in the world.
He recently wrote one of the first such articles, together with Guilherme, about Kizomba dance, entitled: Elements of Cabo Verde dances in Kizomba.
He started dancing in his early childhood, mostly the traditional dances from Cabo Verde. Kizomba or “Passada” in Cabo Verde was something he had always by his side. In Cabo Verde, it is not taught because it is part of the cultural and daily life of the country. As a consequence, Hélio created his own personal style in Kizomba. He is a kizomba teacher for more than ten years and is the founder of the project KizombaXtreme. His teaching methodology was personally developed as the result of his life path.
As a choreographer, he created “Entrevistas” in 2004, “Agora” in partnership with Debora Rey in 2008, “Living Through”, in 2008, “Cântico dos cânticos” in April 2012 and “Canoa” in July 2012.
Helio Santos was also the main actor of the movies “Fertilize”, “Life as it Begins” – Belgium, 2007 and “The Black Bird Flying” – Belgium, 2008.
Helio Santos created Kizomba DVD – The 7 Pillars of KizombaXtreme in 2015.

Yami & Marta | France & Italy – Kizomba Fusion, Urban Kiz, Semba

Yami : He teaches Kizomba, Semba, Afro House / Kuduro and Bachata (modern and Dominican).
Internationally renowned, Yami is known and recognized for his pedagogy, originality, technique and passion for dance.
He was the first French teacher to export Kizomba to the United States.
The quality and diversity of its courses make it one of the most requested actors on the international Latin-American scene … (USA, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Congo)
Yami is a self-taught dancer who draws his influence from urban and Afro-Caribbean culture. Founder of “STEP ONE” brand and passionate teacher since 2007, he is also a choreographer for himself and for other dancers.
About shows, Yami: “I like to tell stories in my shows and match messages and emotions, create steps and share this as sources of inspiration around the world and social networks (Youtube, Facebook …).”
He created the choreography and danced for “Stars” of the Afro Latin World, as Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Dias and “the King of Bachata” Romeo Santos … On the most beautiful scenes of Paris (Dock Pullman, Zenith …).
Today he is partnering together with the italian dancer, teacher and choreographer Marta Mignone, and they are teaching and performing worldwide because this new couple is making already a lot of noise in the dancing scene.

Marta : Italian dancer from Milan, she was introduced to the salsa world between 2006/2007 and since then she has had training in all the Latin style dances, as well as reggaeton and acrobatic dances. She
has been competing in salsa and bachata world competitions for 2 years, whereupon she pursued her
career with teaching and performing in many countries with her partner from Italy.
Since 2012 she has been teaching and performing kizomba, developing and representing a new style
for female dancers mixed with her salsa background within technical rules based on her dance
knowledge. Today she is a worldwide icon in kizomba scene and she travels around the world sharing
her love and her passion for the dance throughout workshops and shows.
Today she is partnering together with the French dancer, teacher and choreographer Yami Step One, and they are teaching and performing worldwide because this new couple is making already a lot of noise in the dancing scene.

Osbanis & Anneta | Cuba/Poland – Cuban Salsa

Osbanis Tejeda (Cuba) and Anneta Kepka (Poland). London based internationally renowned artists, teachers, choreographers & performers. They share between them World and UK Champion titles. Osbanis and Anneta’s fresh and unique dance style perfectly characterizes the fusion of Cuban dance. With Osbanis’ rich knowledge and background as a well-respected Cuban musician, their focus is on the importance of musical interpretation, in addition to incorporating Rumba & Afrocuban movement to Casino. Osbanis and Anneta teach and perform all around the world, featuring 5 continents and over 30 countries, as well as at their ever-popular regular classes in London, with the aim to share their love of Cuban dance and inspire dancers to always dance from the heart. Their infectiously passionate personalities and warm hearts make every class with them enjoyable, meaningful, very inspiring and will definitely leave you hungry for more! Their personalities perfectly complement each other and this is evident on the dance floor. Their flawless performances are full of excitement and enthusiasm for both the music and the dance, and are certainly not to be missed!

Guiu & Borboleta | Spain – Urban Kiz

Guiu and Borboleta are a professional kizomba couple based in Barcelona (Spain).
They met each other on the dance floor, some time ago, and after that moment of amazing connection, they decided to start building up something together. From that idea, the Kiz & Soul brand was founded. Kizomba is a dance which comes from your inside, from your soul. Connection is everything, and for this reason, they refer to the “soul” part. They want to make very clear how important is the connection in this dance for them and make it their personal brand. Together, they’ve received formation from some of the most important national and international artists in the Kizomba’s scene. Artists such as Albir Rojas & Sara Panero, Jojo & Mickaela, Laurent & Adeline, Tyron & Sarai, Seemore and Cristina and many other professionals who helped them to develope their skills. Learning is not an isolate action so they say they keep learning every day, from every one. And they love it!
And as regards as their professional career:
As a teachers, they’re working by their own and also in several schools in Barcelona and its surroundings. Schools such as Seven Dance School, Ritmos Barcelona, La Martorell Salsera, El Manisero de la Salsa and Cied Escola de Danza who have trusted them to teach their students their love and passion for this amazing dance.
They are also the founders and the directors of their own nonprofessional kizomba company: Synergy Project.
They have launched their dance career under the “Kiz & Soul” label, becoming in a short time one of the most recognizable Kizomba couples in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Nowadays “Kiz & Soul” has reached different locations thanks to their passion for Kizomba and their methodology based on connection, good frame, energy and musicality, all of them fundamental pillars of their dance. In a year and a half they have taken part in many Bootcamps and different festivals around the globe.
Always carrying with them their great mottos …. Always with Kiz, Always with Soul…

Damaris & Dhwani | Cuba – Afro Cuban & Cuban Salsa

Born in Cuba started by Gymnastics at the early age of 5 winning silver medal in a competition. But quickly moved to dancing at the age of 10 performing and provincial festivals with Mambo and Cha Cha Cha. Is at 11 when started in the Vocational school of Arts for 3 years passing through the National audition to the National School of Instructors of Arts in Havana, where finished THE BEST GRADUATED STUDENT in 1990.
Sub-director of the Vocational School of Arts in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba till 1997.
Choreographer and dancer of the dancing group LA RUEDA DE CASINO till 1999 when came to work in Indonesia at SALSA CLUB introducing Salsa dance as instructor and dancer.Work as SALSA teacher for foreigners with special collaboration with Switzerland Salsa clubs in Habana till 2002 Work with SALSA CLUB in Indonesia again till 2004.
Decided work independently as Salsa teacher and Performer.Founded in 2010 of Cuban Salsa Indonesia together with Dhwani Bahar organizing annually Latin Experience events since 2015.
Currently keep working as a Salsa teacher, Dancer and host of a few dancing places with Special Latin Nite Programs like Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, Arcadia; and DeLeila, FX Mall also in Puri Denpasar.

Dhwani: Started dancing in the age of 6. She grew up in a family who loves to dance and the first dance she learned was the Rock n Roll from her Grand Mother. Then she practice Jive, Cha cha cha occasionally at family parties, until she moved to Holland and started learning Hiphop, and found Salsa dance in real for the first time and and felt in love with it. When she came back to Indonesia in 2002 she learned Cuban Salsa with Damaris Morales and started working in Salsa Club Kemang as Dance Coordinator and was assisting Damaris for over a year, until they developed Cuban Salsa Indonesia.
In 2011 Dhwani moved to Bali to promote and expand Cuban Salsa Indonesia in Bali, Indonesia.
Dhwani has been performing in many events in Indonesia and managing / choreographing a group of dancer in year 2004-2008.
She has been Teaching Cuban Salsa In Zoetermeer Holland in 2010-2011. And as a passionate dancer she always seeks for more, and now she is expanding her knowledge in Afro Cuban and Samba de Gafieira.

Hannah Melder | Australia – Kizomba

Hannah is a passionate artist, having danced her entire life in various styles including Salsa, hip hop, Jazz, Zouk, Bachata . Hannah has been dancing Kizomba for four years now, learning from some of the best international intructors and Perth Kizomba pioneer Kizomba Muxima (Camilo) .Always looking to improve herself, Hannah has furthered her experience in Kizomba by traveling to Portugal and completing Teachers Training with both Mestre Petchu & Vanessa, as well Afro Latin Connection. Hannah has also been fortunate enough to participate as both a teacher and a performer at various Kizomba festivals in Australia such as AWAKE, AKF, BK and as far as Batuke in London, Kizomba Paradise in Dili And ALFA in Kuala Lumpur . This has allowed her to collaborate with some of the worlds best Kizomba teachers including Helio Santos, Nelson Campos and DJKS Vasco. Hannah loves sharing her passion of this rich cultural dance and her knowledge of Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha.

Amar Singh | Malaysia – Cuban Salsa & Dominican Bachata

Amar is the founder, choreographer and resident instructor at the Dance Blaze Academy in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. His one mission is to spread the joy of dance across Malaysia and the rest of the world. Amar’s early experience in the performing art of dance commenced at an early mainly in the non-Latin genres of Bhangra, Bollywood, Break Dancing and Hip Hop.
He is the Lead Choreographer and the reason behind the foundation and the success of the Malaysia’s leading Bhangra and Bollywood dance group, Malaysian Shaan-E-Punjab. In 2005 Amar started teaching Cuban Salsa in Kuala Lumpur in 2005 when he established himself as the resident instructor at Salsa Havana Club, Kuala Lumpur and continued there for the next 5 years. In 2010, Amar set on a nationwide tour to conduct a series of dance workshops called “The Malaysian Latin Dance Tour by Amar”.
He is also very highly sought after internationally and some of his tours and workshops include those at the Club Med Resort in Phuket, The Julio Colmena Dance School in York, and the Vivek Ranga Dance Academy in Karnal Haryana, India. He regularly attends congresses and festivals in Europe, particularly in England and Ireland and has even brought his dance to as far as Holland.
Over the years, he has been recognized as a leading figure in the Malaysian dance industry and has been invited to judge competitions which include The Refugee Children’s Dance Competition organized by the United Nations in 2011, The Malaysian Latin Dance Championships in 2011 and 2012 and others. Besides being respected in the bhangra scene Amar is hugely popular among the Malaysian salsa faithful and is recognized for his unique style of Cuban Salsa and his versatility in infusing the various flavors of Afro-Cuban and hip hop dance styles into his dance repertoires. A crowd favorite in the Malaysian social salsa circuit, Amar continues to wow the masses with his freestyle and groovy dance moves.
The evolution of his passion soon led him to establish his own unique blend of super-sexy bachata, which has found popularity in Malaysia and around the world. Apart from salsa and bachata, Amar also teaches various other dance styles such as Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban Rumba (Guaguanco), hip hop, total body isolation and so on.

Azlan & Mabel | Malaysia – Urban Kiz

“The quickest way to improve is to dance with those that inspire you” – Azlan
Azlan originally from the United Kingdom, was Introduced to Kizomba in 2006 at a workshop by Kwenda Lima. Inspired by the music and the emphasis on connection, he has worked to express himself through this dance both socially and choreographically.
As an instructor, he has taught various dance styles to students as well as other instructors all around the world including the UK, Africa, Australia and Asia. He is also credited with pioneering and growing the Kizomba scene in Malaysia since moving there in 2011.
Known for his humor and high energy in class, Azlan’s classes are always fun from beginner to advanced level. His ability to break down the technique, allows even the most inexperienced dancer to grasp the fundamentals of the dance, armed with the tools to improve their dancing outside of the class.

From her humble beginning as a demure young talent, Mabel has grown tremendously in skill and stature to establish herself as a leading figure in the Asian Afro-Latin dance circle.
Her overture to the world of dance commenced in Australia, where she learnt some social ballroom dancing classes. Upon returning to Malaysia in 2000, Mabel continued to pursue to complete her Gold Level exams with Honours, for the 5 Latin dances under the ISTD Latin Dancesport category. Soon after, she delved into the Salsa scene, where she met her current dance partner Azlan, who introduced her to her current obsession, Kizomba. By this time, Mabel was already one of the most sought-after Salsa performers and social dancers in the country.
In just over a year their partnership had established them as the premier Kizomba couple in the Asian region. They conduct regular weekly classes in Kuala Lumpur and are seen as the biggest drivers of the Malaysian Kizomba scene.
Cosmoves Dance
As their student base grew, Azlan and Mabel formed Cosmoves Dance Inc in 2015, the only dance school in the Asian region to specialize in Kizomba with the intention of spreading their unique brand of teaching and dance throughout the region. They are the proud choreographers of some of the most competent performance teams and choreography bootcamps, that have been performed in Malaysia, Japan, India and Singapore. They now currently routinely travel around Asia to conduct workshops and bootcamps.

Güpson Pierre | Canada – Latin Artist

Güpson Pierre, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is the artistic director of Attitude Dance Studio, Singapore. Güpson has more than 15 years of formal training in Ballet and Jazz and has injected the same dedication into Salsa. As one the pioneers in the Singapore Salsa scene, Güpson has been teaching Salsa in Singapore for the last 17 years.Güpson Pierre, hailing from Montreal, Canada, is the artistic director of Attitude Dance Studio, Singapore. Güpson has more than 15 years of formal training in Ballet and Jazz and has injected the same dedication into Salsa. As one the pioneers in the Singapore Salsa scene, Güpson has been teaching Salsa in Singapore for the last 17 years. The first Salsa Instructor base in Asia to be Honored at The West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles California 24th May 2008, starting teaching in New York Salsa Congress 29th August 2008. He is credited to have introduced Cross Body Style, Salsa and dancing On1 and On2 in Singapore as well as Bachata, Casino Rueda, Exotic Dance (Burlesque), and Kizomba as well. Güpson’s continues to perform and teach Salsa extensively in Asia and around the World.

Guest Artists :

Do Sao Mai (Vietnam)

Bachata / Kizomba

Francisco Celestino (Guadeloupe)

Urban Kiz

Shirley Kent (Hong Kong)

Sensual Bachata