As Promised! We have a Brand New Venue for you all for ALFA 2018.

A Perfect Venue in all means. Everything that you want is all under one roof (Literally!). The official Venue will not only just have the festival facilities but will also have a fancy Spa to Fine Dine to a great 360° view rooftop Lounge & Bar and lot more like convenient store, Car Wash & lot more then you can imagine … 

Welcome to Zell-V Wellness Hub

Floor Accessibility : Accessible . May Check Out . Do Not Go

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Level 12 : Sky Loft

Level 9 : The Sompoton Spa

Level 4 : Multipurpose Hall (Workshop & Party)

Level 1 : Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine & Sayang Rasa Café

Ground Floor : Lobby & Entrance

ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub provides a host of comprehensive services to help you achieve balance of the body, mind and soul, including non-invasive health checks and procedures, complimentary cell check and consultation, beauty and hair treatments, meditation and yoga classes, postnatal rejuvenation and scrumptious Malaysian cuisine. Here is what you can find at each level.

Level 12 : Sky Loft
Offers 360 degrees view of KL city. This will be the official Lounge & Bar Area of the Festival. During Day time the airconditioned lounge area can be used as Social Dancing / Practicing & Chilling. The Sky Loft will be open until 1 AM during the festival.
We will also have a small bar setup at Level 4 (Official Area). Snacks & beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) will be available for purchase all night long from that counter.

Level 11 : ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Service Centre / Be+ Breast Enhancement / Be Jojoba Oil
Quality products and treatments from ZÉLL-V. Helps you achieve a healthy life through 3 steps: Detection, Education and Solution.

Level 10 : The OM Mandala – Finding Rest through Inner Peace
A good rest is vital for your body to repair itself. The OM Mandala allows you to regain inner peace and balance through Mandala meditation and rejuvenate your bodily cells with oral cellular therapy.

Level 9 : V Wellness Holistic Healthcare Centre
Are you truly healthy? Do you feel energetic every day? Sub-health is defined as a borderline state between being healthy and falling sick. Left unattended, the sub-health state gradually weakens the body’s immune system, putting one’s health and life at risk. V Wellness helps you regain optimum health and vitality through 4 steps – Assessment, Detoxification, Boosting and Rejuvenation.
Feel free to take a tour to this floor, they also offer complimentary health check.

Level 9 : The Sompoton Spa – 5-Star Luxury Spa & Massage Centre
Uses natural ingredients that are highly moisturising and high in antioxidants, as well as unique massage techniques and therapies to remove your stress and fatigue, giving you complete relaxation and body and mind balance.
This is the Spa floor, during festival they will have extremely busy schedule, therefore you are highly encouraged to make appointment before your visit to the Spa. Full Body and Foot massage will be available at a promo price for ALFA Participants. The Spa will be open until 1 AM.

Level 6 & 7 : Kimporo Postnatal Rejuvenation – Comprehensive Care for Mom & Baby
Specialised pre and postnatal care centre. Our team of trained breastfeeding and confinement specialists, midwives and nurses are ready to assist in the care of the newborn and the complete rejuvenation of the new mother, in a luxurious and safe environment.

Level 5 : Hairworx Wellness – Professional Hair Styling & Scalp Care Centre
A healthy scalp is the key to beautiful hair. We specialises in scalp care and treatment using quality professional products from Japan to solve typical hair problems such as excessive oil accumulation, thinning hair, dandruff problems and scalp inflammation. Free styling available (T&C apply).

Level 5 : Olmeca Talent House
Through sharing, catwalk training, personal image and makeup guidance, photography, etc., we help you increase your beauty, confidence and potential, so that you can become a superstar. Free consultation available for aspiring artistes.

Level 5 : Dreams Dance Studio – Professional Yoga Centre
Aerial yoga helps you to slim down, relieve stress and achieve body and mind balance. It’s even good for your skin. This latest trend uses hammock to support your body weight as you perform different poses. This exercise is great for strengthening muscles, relieving stress and spinal pressure, and increasing flexibility. Safe and suitable for beginners.

Level 4 : Multipurpose Hall
This is the official Venue for the Festival. All Workshops, Parties & Bootcamp will be held here. The floor is divided into 2 equal sized rooms for Afro & Latin.

Level 2 : Baby Atelier Signature – Child Brain Development and Education Centre.
A good foundation in education and instilling the right moral values is the key to ensuring that your child develops into a confident, capable and highly responsible individual. We offer a range of enriching programmes for your child to enjoy and learn in a safe and nurturing environment as you concentrate in your work.

Level 1 : Ketuhar Malaysian Cuisine
A great place to enjoy authentic and scrumptious Malaysian food with your friends and family.
This is a fine dine restaurant serves A’la Carte food. Open until 12 am

Level 1 : Sayang Rasa Café
Discover affordable yet delicious local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, etc.
This place will be serving the buffet lunch for ALFA participants, tickets can be bought from the registration counter. Open until 12 am.

Ground Floor : Lobby & Event Hall
Stylish, modern and fully equipped. Ideal for seminars, forums, talks, product launches, etc. Available for rent. Accomodates 100 pax.

Ground Floor : V V Mart Convenience Store
Offering the best local products which are great as gifts for family and friends.
This store also sales snacks, drinks, ice cream etc.

Basement 1 : V Car Smart
Professional auto detailing services using German technology.
Car Wash, Polishing service available until 8 PM